Newark mayor Corey Booker arrived home last night to find his neighbors' home on fire. His security detail, led by officer Alex Rodriguez, had preceded him home and had already gotten most of the residents out of the burning building.

But one more woman remained, and when Booker heard this, he insisted that he enter the house to rescue her.

At first, Rodriguez refused to let him take the risk. But Booker quickly convinced him it was necessary.

"[Booker] basically told me, 'This woman is going to die if we don't help her,' and what can I say to that?," Rodriguez told 'CBS This Morning.' "I let him go and without thinking twice, he just ran into the flames and rescued this young lady."

According to Booker, it was pretty harrowing rescue.

I actually wasn't thinking," the mayor said.  "When I got there and couldn't find her in all the smoke, looked behind me and saw the kitchen really erupting with flames all over the ceiling, that's when I had very clear thoughts that I'm not going to get out of this place alive and got ... very religious."

But Booker was able to find her, and was also able to get her out of the home. For his hero turn, he was rewarded with smoke inhalation, a small burn on his hand and a brief trip to the hospital. The woman suffered second degree burns to her back but should make a full recovery.

Watch Booker and Rodriguez describe the amazing rescue below, in what could also double as the greatest campaign video ever.