During his post Oscar special, Jimmy Kimmel did a skit in which he pitched Oprah programming ideas for her OWN network. While clearly a spoof, some of Kimmel's ideas, like 'Fight Club Book Club' would've been sort of great.

'Saturday Night Live' was thinking about running a very similar skit during the show last week, with host Maya Rudolph doing her famous Oprah impression. But it didn't make the final cut. However, SNL has released the dress rehearsal footage for the never aired Weekend Update segment on their website.

Again, we have to say that some of these ideas are actually quite good. And, really, it's quite surprising that there isn't a 'NCIS: Oprah.'

It's also fun to see how loose the SNL cast is in rehearsal. They're definitely having a good time. And since it was just rehearsal, we don't really think there is actually rotting Mahi-mahi under their chairs.

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