The website-building and hosting service, Squarespace, has made every false advertisement, pop-up, urban legend and meme from the Internet come to life for their 2014 Super Bowl commercial.

There are just so many memes, pop-ups and side-ads throughout a majority of the Internet, that Squarespace decided to show how ridiculous it would all be if the Internet was brought to life. Squarespace's concept builds very much upon a skit from "Chappelle's Show", where Dave Chappelle stepped into a shopping mall acted just like the Internet.

Squarespace's commercial starts off with a real-life depiction of a face-swap Photoshop picture where a man with a baby's face is holding a baby with a man's face. An innocent bystander simply watches in awe as he sees the Internet come to life before him. Emoticons float throughout the sky, Duckfaces, Bad Luck Brians, Confession Bears, antivirus software, cute baby photos, Epic Fails and plenty other tropes of the net are flooding the streets with hilarious results.

In particular, the three women wearing fake lips reveal the ridiculousness in taking selfies while doing the Duckface pout. In the background, giant signs ask for you to follow and like a multitude of things via Facebook. Men shout from above offering tremendous sales pertaining to things you may have previously looked up on Google. And a robotic man offers for you to listen to his podcast while standing next to a real-life Amazon rating.

Squarespace is trying to say that all of these annoyances that people traditionally find while browsing various websites won't happen on the sites that they can build for you.

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