Doritos has narrowed their Super Bowl commercial contest down to five finalists, and only two of these hilarious videos are going to make it to the big game.

Doritos held a nationwide contest on YouTube to help design two, 30-second Super Bowl commercials which will each play during the big game. And one of these finalists will get to work a behind-the-scenes dream job to help with production of 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'.

One commercial will be chosen by Doritos executives for a spot during the first half of the Super Bowl. And online voting by the fans will determine the other video that will get to play sometime during the second half. While having fan-made content might make it seem like the Frito-Lay company is low on funds for this year, each of the five final videos are of your expected, over-the-top, Super Bowl quality and are downright hilarious.

"Finger Cleaner", the first provided video, is almost a guaranteed win based on how absurdly funny it is. We honestly expect that this will be one of the commercials to play during the big game. Just watch what happens and see the proper, gloried way of cleaning your fingers after eating Doritos.

"Breakroom Ostrich" and "Office Thief" each play off of each other quite well, depicting the problems of bringing Doritos to the workplace. "Cowboy Kid" is your standard family friendly ad featuring CGI babies, where a toddler rides on the back of a huge dog like a cowboy in order to lasso a bag of chips.

Our other final choice would have to be "Time Machine" (the last provided video), where a father and his son are simply playing with a cardboard box and are met with unexpected, awesome results.

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