In this Super Bowl 2014 commerical, the host of 'The Colbert Report' trades out his red, white and blue for green as he and his eagle promote pistachios.

On the night of the big game, Stephen Colbert's Wonderful Pistachios commercial aired depicting two different segments. First, Stephen Colbert is found sitting in an office with a bald eagle perched next to him. Both Colbert and the CGI bird are seen wearing black suits with a green tie, reflecting the packaging on most bags of Wonderful Pistachios. "They're wonderful, I'm wonderful -- they'll sell themselves", Colbert brags, asking to end the filming of the commercial. The eagle, who was nodding in approval to Colbert's claims, gets praise from Colbert by the end of the ad as he looks away from the camera (presumably towards the production crew) and expects the commercial's filming to wrap up. Despite Colbert's success on Comedy Central, we find out he might need to do a little more.

The next commercial indicates that 30 seconds have passed since the first one finished, and we find Colbert and his eagle in the same room, only this time with a lot more green. Both Stephen Colbert and his bald eagle are now wearing green suits with green ties that feature marquees of text saying "Wonderful Pistachios" printed throughout their stitching. The portraits of Colbert in the background have been replaced by giant paintings of pistachios, and neon lights depicting the nuts' logo have been added to the room. Colbert goes on to say that the previous commercial didn't sell anything because they didn't have enough pistachios, but as we can see by the end, his mind has gone nuts.

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