It doesn't matter whether you call it catsup or ketchup, the Heinz Super Bowl 2014 commercial points out the fun in using glass containers for condiments.

Pittsburgh's condiment powerhouse starts off its commercial with very familiar settings. First, a police officer in a small town diner can be seen flipping a glass Heinz Tomato Ketchup bottle upside down as he continues to smack its bottom to help get some tomato-y red on his fries. The police officer then starts to hum the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know it" to himself as the ketchup starts to flow.

The diner scene then switches out to various places where ketchup is considered a necessity, such as a campfire out in the wilderness where a family of campers are roasting hot dogs. As the scenes change, the hum of the cop's song continues. Unfortunately, since everyone is using glass bottles to dispense their ketchup, there is always a risk whenever giving the bottom of your glass Heinz bottle a good whack. A newlywed bride and her bridesmaids are seen at a wedding reception each hitting their bottles to get ketchup out. The possibility of getting ketchup on a wedding dress should be frightening for any bride-to-be, but these ladies don't care and just want to get some red on their burgers.

Unfortunately, a hot dog vendor wasn't as lucky as the bridesmaids as he accidentally hit his bottle too hard and squirted ketchup all over the shirt of a Mafia boss' dress shirt. Throughout the commercial, everyone continues to hum the tune in tandem as they each rhythmically pat their glass ketchup bottle. The poor hot dog vendor is seen to be in a body cast after his ordeal with the mob boss as he is again seen slapping a Heinz bottle atop his hospital food. It looks as if these people don't believe in using knives to help spread condiments.

The commercial comes to a standstill when an elderly woman is seen forcing a near-empty, plastic Heinz to squirt out its last contents, accompanied by an unflattering, flatulent noise coming from the squirting, plastic bottle. For those people who have ever wondered why Heinz doesn't completely switch from glass to plastic, this commercial is for you.

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