Rebecca Black

10 TGIF Memes to Celebrate the Weekend
It's a very special day. It's Friday! In case this terrible, terrible song doesn't quite capture how excited we are for the weekend (we so excited), here are some memes. In case the memes don't adequately express how excited we are for the weekend, just look for the person wearin…
Is This the New 'Friday'?
Songwriter/producer Patrice Wilson has really outdone himself this time. 'Skip Rope' by Tweenchronic is maybe not as annoying as last year's 'It's Thanksgiving,' but it's definitely crazier. (Also, Patrice Wilson put on a giant chicken costume for that one.)
Double Take Turkeys
Remember 'It's Thanksgiving?' As if you could forget -- the song from the same producer as Rebecca Black's 'Friday' is simultaneously the greatest and the worst Thanksgiving song ever written. Apparently not everyone thinks it's totally worthless -- YouTuber R…
The Next 'Friday'?
Nicole Westbrook is poised to corner the Thanksgiving music market. Her song 'It's Thanksgiving' is here just in time to ruin the holiday.

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