We spend so much time doing the pee pee dance and hoping that the homeless person who's locked himself in the Starbucks bathroom hasn't died that it's nice to take a moment every now and then and remind ourselves that this isn't the way things are everywhere. Here are nine of the coolest bathrooms we could find (store one away in your happy place for safekeeping).

Aquarium Bathroom

This is a bathroom surrounded by an actual real aquarium. You know that feeling when you're in the bathroom and realize somehow the cat has gotten in there and he's staring at you and it's weird? This is like that only instead of a cat, it's like a thousand fish. Other than that and the worry that we could drown at any moment, this is totally amazing.

Glass-Bottom Bathroom

Glass bottom bathroom
The Fancy

This is a bathroom with a glass floor that sits over an elevator shaft. If you're afraid of heights, it just might scare the crap out of you.

Yellow Submarine Bathroom

Yellow Submarine Bathroom

This is slightly less unnerving than being surrounded by actual fish underwater. And there's no threat of falling to your death.  This bathroom is a total win.

Ski Slope Bathroom

Ski Slope Toilet

Georgia Max Coffee did up a bunch of bathrooms at fancy ski lodges in Japan that give you the illusion that you're engaged in a thrilling down hill race instead of being indisposed on the commode.

One-Way Glass Bathroom

Mirror Toilet
Nile Guide

This is sort of like the inverse of the aquarium bathroom -- it's like you're in a fishbowl and everybody else is looking in. Only they can't see you. You'd have to have pretty strong faith in one-way glass to actually use this thing, but it's such high maintenance to keep the outside clean that we bet the inside is sparkling too. Definitely worth the massive amounts of paranoia.

The Madonna Inn

Madonna Inn
emdot, Flickr

Sooooooo, this is a urinal. It flushes with a waterfall.What more needs to be said?

Jungle Jim's International Market

Jungle Jim's
Jungle Jim's International Market

Jungle Jim's looks like they've just got a couple of Porta Potties, but it's a trick! Behind these doors are actual bathrooms. It's like double relief -- you finally get to use the bathroom AND it turns out it's not actually a Porta Potty.

Mouth Urinals

Bathroom Mania

You can find these urinals in the Rolling Stones Fan Museum in Germany. They're great for if you love the Rolling Stones, or if you hate the Rolling Stones and want to defile their logo. Win-win for everybody!

Motorcycle Toilet

Toilet BIkr

Okay, technically this isn't a functioning toilet, although it does run on waste. We wish it was a real toilet though -- we'd drive it all over New York City and never have to wait in line at a McDonald's while somebody who ate too many Filet o' Fishes just tears the place up. The horror.

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