Sometimes we just want to conk out in the middle of the day. You know what we’re talking about -- that 5-Hour Energy jerk made a fortune talking about it. You so desperately want to take a cat nap, but your so-called "job" doesn't provide you with a bed OR a pillow. Good news -- Ostrich Pillow's got ya covered.

We’d like to introduce you to the Ostrich Pillow -- a product that could completely transform the way we take naps (hint: now you can do it anywhere!). Basically, it’s an alien pillow orb that comes complete with hand holes. All you have to do is stick your head in the sack and your hands in the hole, hope nobody can tell how vulnerable you are, and voilà! NAP TIME.

The Ostrich Pillow is a Kickstarter project, so inventor Kawamura-Ganjavian needs financial backers to get this thing off the ground. We’re not exactly sure if we’d actually be able to breathe in there, but hey-- we’ll go for whatever gives us a few extra minutes of shut eye. Now go donate, you half-asleep hooligans!

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