If you find yourself in Germany, keep on the look out for an escaped kangaroo. No, we're not making it up. A kangaroo recently broke out of a wildlife park. Actually it was three, but two were caught.

And wouldn't you guess, the marsupials weren't alone in the shake off -- a fox and a wild boar proudly acted as accomplices. You just can't trust anyone these days.

According to the assistant head of the Hochwildschutzpark Hunsrueck (good luck with that pronunciation), the male kangaroo was one in a group of three that escaped with the aid of the menagerie to the surrounding woods.

The escape was only successful because the young fox snuck into the park and dug a hole next to the kangaroo enclosure's fence. Another hole was dug by the aforementioned wild boar, which is what aided two of the three kangaroos to break free while the other left under the fox's hole.

Hoffmann ended by saying, "we've got two of them back; now we're just looking for the third." So if you see a kangaroo roaming the streets, give the poor zookeepers a heads up, would ya?