A man in New South Wales hand feeds a gigantic, man-sized wild kangaroo with rippling muscles in this terrifying video. Even though we've seen stories of kangaroo attacks before, there's no way anything could go wrong, right? Right?

Fortunately for the man, whose name is Brian, the giant 'roo seems more concerned with eating snacks than pummeling him senseless. It's a good thing, too. When the massive animal stands fully upright, it's several inches taller.

Brian wisely doesn't antagonize the animal. Instead, he avoids eye contact and continuously shovels snacks into its mouth. Meanwhile, the woman behind the camera, whose name is Jan, giggles inanely at the sheer size of the creature.

Yeah, sure, seems like a harmless brush with nature now. But what happens when the snacks run out? Watch the video above and pay particular attention to the scary moment at the end when the couple tries to leave.