Remember Artis The Spoonman, who was immortalized in the 1994 Soundgarden Hit 'Spoonman?' Well it looks like the famed street performer isn't the only one who knows how to turn a utensil into a rocking instrument.

Meet Deb "Spoons" Perry. The Australian grandmother really knows her way around silverware, and shows off her unusual skills by "spoon drumming" along with The Black Keys' song 'Lonely Boy.'

There are many things to like about the video, but let's start with the kangaroos. They don't really have anything to do with her performance, but she still wisely includes them because as an Australian she must have come to realize that everything is just better with marsupials.

In fact, "Spoons" is fairly well known "down under," as she reached the semi-finals of 'Australia's Got Talent'  in 2008.

"I immerse myself in the music. I love it. Something just takes over," is how she describes her unique brand of music and dance. Watch her do her thing on 'Australia's Got Talent' below.

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