Ever wonder how to catch a kangaroo? According to this Australian man, who looks like he's been rooting through trash all day, it's deceptively simple. All it takes is a light touch and a canvas shopping bag. (A crazy hobo beard probably helps too.)

In the video, the bushman walks up to a nearby kangaroo, places a bag over its head and the animal simply falls in. "And there you have a kangaroo," he says proudly.

Still, there's got to be more to proper kangaroo-catching technique than this. What if, for example, the kangaroo was man-sized? Or what if the kangaroo was in the process of bullying a group of emus? We've got tons of questions, darn it, and no answers.

At nearly 300,000 views, the video is a certified viral hit. And not surprisingly, it's already racked up its fair share of snide comments. "I just watched Dumbledore catch a kangaroo," wrote one viewer. "Charlie Manson's escaped and he's calmly bagging kangaroos!," quipped another. Others say the kangaroo in a harmless baby or has somehow been tamed. Either way, we definitely recommend you don't try this at home.