Most of our (admittedly limited) experience with kangaroos hasn't been all that positive. After all, with stories of menacing man-sized kangaroos and kangaroos fighting emus, we're just not sure the animals are to be trusted. But this baby kangaroo, who seems lulled by a good scratching, wants to change all that.

Indeed, this pint-sized 'roo just can't seem to get enough attention and closes its eyes in rapture as a random person vigorously rubs it around the face and neck. Whoever you are, brave cameraman, we salute you.

Still, kangaroo attacks on people have been known to happen. And, call us crazy, but the kangaroo's raised paw and slightly perturbed look toward the end of the video makes us nervous. Oh well, if things go south we can always rely upon this guy to save us.