Jonah Hill is hosting 'Saturday Night Live' this week with musical guest The Shins. Although the show lacks the fanfare which preceded last week's Lindsay Lohan-fronted episode, Hill is generally a pretty funny guy, and did well when he hosted back in 2008.

Hill shot the traditional mid-week promos with cast member Bill Hader. So how did he do?

Not surprisingly he gets a plug in for '21 Jump Street,' the upcoming film adaptation of the late '80s cop show which Hill both co-wrote and co-stars in. But at least it was an informative plug, since you were probably always wondering what was going on at 22 Jump Street. (It's a florist.)

We also learn, in the promos, that Bill Hader has been tipping an elevator operator who is probably a ghost. We hate it when that happens.

Enjoy a bonus clip below from when a (noticeably rounder) Hill first hosted.