Move along 'Super Bowl Shuffle.' Stand aside 'We Are the 49ers'. The NFL officially has its newest and most annoying team song. Except this one is just for the Denver Broncos-- it's dedicated to one player. Yes, Tim Tebow has his own theme song, courtesy of '80s relic John Parr of 'St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)' fame.

Parr, a one-hit wonder for his theme song to the 1985 Brat Pack classic 'St. Elmo's Fire,' has come out of hiding to rework his most famous tune to celebrate Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow with the aptly named 'Tim Tebow's Fire'. Because, well, we're not sure exactly. We guess he's a huge Broncos fan.

The controversial quarterback has created some serious fans and critics since he went pro, and this is bound to create the same controversy. (He's also inspired some truly bizarre things like the Tebow-ing craze.) If you're a fan of Tim Tebow, chances are you will love the heck out of what Parr did to his ultra '80s song to honor the Denver quarterback. If you're not, you'll love the fact that he's got a lame theme song and that his fans have to pretend that they like it.

Check out 'Tim Tebow's Fire' and Parr's original hit below. If you listen closely, you can hear Parr messing up and saying 'St. Elmo's' at one point during the Tebow ode.

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