Jeremy Renner caps off his big 2012 -- in which he starred in blockbusters 'The Bourne Legacy' and 'The Avengers' -- by hosting 'Saturday Night Live' this weekend.

It's the first time hosting for the 41-year-old, and he will be joined by musical guests Maroon 5.

Renner shot the traditional midweek promos with 'SNL' regular Kenan Thompson. They took place on a set made to look like a bar and the pair got to knock back a few drinks on camera.

Renner isn't exactly known for his comedy, but his ability to summon his "intense" face on demand was certainly pretty humorous.

He also gets some laughs for mocking his tough guy persona by revealing his fear of mice.

The promo ends with Renner giving a 'Pretty Woman'-style preview of all the looks he will bring to this weekend's show and it would seem the costume department will be busy. Are you looking forward to watching Renner and Maroon 5 Saturday Night?