If this was 20 years ago, 'Lawyer Dog' would be a sitcom. And it would be awful. Luckily, these days, 'Lawyer Dog' can just be an Animal Advice meme, in which the comic possibilities of a dog lawyer can been illustrated without killing the joke in a cringe-worthy way.

And what would happen if a dog did become a lawyer? Well, he would obviously favor working pro bono, and have particular sympathy for clients accused of public urination. Lawyer Dog may be good in the courtroom, but if you ask him to do document review he's quick to tell you that he can't read.

In fact, if given the choice between a dog lawyer and a traditional lawyer, only a fool would opt for the canine in a suite.

Yes, Lawyer Dog's animal instincts make him a less-than-competent attorney. But the furry litigator still has some pretty entertaining things to say. Check out our favorites from the Lawyer Dog meme, which just exploded on Reddit, below.

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