Comic-Con 2012 always gets its fair share of weirdos. Clearly by "weirdos" we're referring to "religious protesters." Usually, it's the Westboro Baptist Church behind these anti-comic-book-nerd events, but this time around we've got a different band of unnamed Christians to thank for 2012's collective statement against the false prophet Superman and his followers.

Though, the other thing we can always expect from Comic-Con is the simultaneous parody protest of the religious protest. The folks over at Comics Alliance were able to snap a shot of the this year's version of "Christian vs. Geeks" and posted it on Instagram.

Comic-Con 2012 protest

Clearly the Christians don't understand what Galactus is, otherwise they'd be shakin' in their boots. For those of you who are comic book impaired, Galactus (aka "The Devourer of Worlds") is the monolithic entity from 'Fantastic Four' that's been known to swallow entire planets. Doesn't that just send shivers down your spine?

We also have to keep an eye out for Team Rocket. All they care about, according to the geeky protesters, are "Pokemon" and "profit." Is this organization what we really want for our country?

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