While some fans hit Comic-Con 2013 to stand in line for hours to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars or comic-book creators, we prefer getting something tangible to make up for our achy legs. That's why we have no qualms about lining up to score some of the awesome exclusive toys at the Con.

Whether it's a gruesome 'Walking Dead' figure or a DJ Pony ('My Little Pony: Friendship Magic' is kind of weird), there's definitely a plastic something for everyone to be found at Comic-Con 2013. Take a look at our 10 must-have toys below.

  • 1

    Friday the 13th Jason Nintendo Edition


    Waaaay back in 1989, LJN released an atrocious 'Friday the 13th' Nintendo game where you play as a camp counselor and fight Jason along with zombies and wolves for some reason. Jason sported a garish purple outfit and light-blue hands, which makes him look like a glow-in-the-dark garbage collector. Well, there must be enough fans of the game, because NECA has released a figure of NES Jason exclusively for Comic-Con. For only $25, you can own the least scary serial killer of all time.

  • 2

    Evil Superman

    Price TBA
    Hot Toys

    If you've ever dreamed of owning a strikingly detailed version of the "evil Superman" from 'Superman III' (yes, the one who drank, yelled at pedestrians and bedded '80s starlet Pamela Stephenson), then today is your lucky day. Unfortunately he doesn't come in a two-pack with a Richard Pryor figure.

  • 3

    GI Joe vs. Transformers


    Based on the 'G.I. Joe/Transformers' crossover comics from the '80s, this action figure and vehicle set is catnip to anyone who ever made Duke ride into battle atop Optimus Prime. For only $99.99, you get the following all in a snazzy comic-book art box:

    -- Snake Eyes, sporting the Autobot logo and some green pants that totally blow his cover as a stealthy ninja.


    -- An awesome Jetfire/Skystriker mash-up that probably set the government back billions in military research. (Seriously, the Joe team lost like five Skystrikers per episode. Even by the standards of '80s military spending, that's excessive.)


    -- A V.A.M.P. jeep that doubles as Autobot scout Hound and is perfect for weekend getaways with the kids.


    -- The Pretender Bludgeon, who looks like the kind of silly ghost the 'Scooby Doo' gang used to chase after but was actually an important villain in the Marvel 'Transformers' comics from the early '90s.


    And finally...


    Yes, that's Baroness leading poor, humiliated Ravage around like he's a common dog and not an alien robot that turns from a cassette into an awesome robo-dog. We can only imagine the kind of creepy fan fiction this duo will no doubt inspire.

  • 4

    Governor's Daughter Zombie, 'The Walking Dead'

    McFarlane Toys

    Recreate one of the most disturbing scenes from season 3 of 'The Walking Dead' with the Governor's zombie daughter Penny, complete with a fish tank full of heads and a bucket of body parts. Incorporate your Michonne figure and crush The Governor's hopes of ever having a normal child again.

  • 5

    Acid Storm and Soundwave, Transformers Masterpiece

    $75, $120

    Hasbro continues their Transformers Masterpiece line with two new additions. Soundwave comes in a lighter shade of blue, befitting his cartoon counterpart, and five mini-cassettes perfect for confusing anyone under the age of 30.


    Then there's Decepticon jet Acid Storm, whose name sounds like some sub-genre of dubstep that we'll all be sick of in six months. Also, why is he painted in camouflage colors? What's he going to blend in with, sky trees? Still, ya gotta love that smirk. It just screams, "I'm totally going to backstab Starscream the second he's done backstabbing Megatron."

  • 6

    'Alien' ReAction Figures


    For fans of Ridley Scott's original 'Alien' film, this might be the most exciting bit of merchandise in decades. The team at Super7 has resurrected the aborted 1979 'Alien' action-figure line, recreating the 'Star Wars'-style figures from rare prototypes.

    Ripley, Ash, Dallas, Kane (in spacesuit) and an Alien with removable head dome are all available for preorder at Comic-Con. Finally, we can recreate the Ash decapitation scene from our childhood dreams.

  • 7


    Bridge Direct

    Standing at seven-inches tall, with a bevy of cool weapons, the Orc commander from 'The Hobbit' comes with the recently cleaved head of the Dwarf King Thror. You can also replace his hand with a battle spike version. All the better to carve up those chubby Hobbits with.

  • 8

    Gerry Lane Action Figure, 'World War Z'

    Jaz Wares

    Grab a six-inch plastic version of Brad Pitt's character from 'World War Z' that looks nothing at all like Brad Pitt. Seriously, this looks more like Bill Paxton. Is this a lost figure from the 'Twister' line? If only they made a figure of Mireille Enos' character, then we'd be halfway to an action-figure set for 'The Killing.'

  • 9

    DJ Pon-3 and Rainbow Dash, 'My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic'

    $49.99, $25

    The Skrillex of Equestria, fan-favorite DJ Pon-3 brings the beats with some light-up packaging perfect for the club (or your bedroom).


    Meanwhile, can we all agree that Rainbow Dash has the same costume as the DC Comics character Black Lightning? We're not the only ones who see it, right?

  • 10

    Glitter and Gold Jem


    No, it's not Liberace. This is a reproduction of the classic Glitter and Gold Jem doll right down to the multiple outfits and gold record trophy. The only thing you won't get is the cassette single the original doll came with. So you'll have to recreate the music video by humming the tune from memory.