All your favorite celebs came out to Comic-Con 2012 last week to showcase their latest movie and TV projects to the fans. Though, first and foremost, Comic-Con has always been and will always be the place to let you geek flag wave in the air, and some celebs got into the spirit of the convention a little more so than others. Those who actually got to attend Comic-Con this year will know we're talking, of course, about Robert Downey Jr.

Right from the very start of Marvel's 'Iron Man 3' panel, fans were excited to see the real-life Tony Stark in the flesh. But it turns out the 'Avengers' star was just as happy, if not more, to see them.

He interrupted Marvel producer Kevin Feige mid-sentence with the '70s-beat-pounding music of Luther Vandross. Downey then proceeded to pull an Ellen DeGeneres and dance his way through the crowds (but not without his team of bodyguards) and up onto the stage.

Our friends over at ScreenCrush, who were reporting live from the Comic-Con front lines, got it all on video. Check it out.

That awesome display of enthusiasm was just the tip of the iceberg. When he got up on stage, he revealed to the audience the best part of his outfit for the panel -- his Iron Man glove. Everyone got a closer look at it later on when he greeted his adoring fans at the 'Iron Man 3' booth.

Check out ScreenCrush's coverage of Comic-Con for more info on Robert Downey Jr. and the spoilers to all your favorite movies.

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