Bill Murray continued his delightful habit of popping up in random places when he attended the Cornell vs. Harvard football game in Ithaca, NY on Saturday and made nice with the teams' marching bands.

The 61-year-old actor, who was decked out in pink pants, watched the first half of the game quietly. But when the Harvard band started playing the theme to 'Ghostbusters' -- completely unaware that Mr. Ghostbuster himself was in the house -- Murray sprung into action.

"This guy in pink pants walked up and said, 'Hey, play that song again,'" said Harvard University Band Manager Rachel L. Hawkins '12. "He kind of appeared out of nowhere. It was very serendipitous."

But it wasn't just the Harvard band who got Murray's attention. Check out this clip of Murray, who has no affiliation with either Harvard or Cornell, guest conducting Cornell's band after the game.

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