It’s the end of the week, and what a mighty fine week it has been! In this week’s roundup of our favorite videos, we’ve got a farting doll, a Russian street musician who sounds remarkably similar to Kurt Cobain, and a dance remix of a terrible boat crash. You know, classic internet stuff. Let’s get started!

Ever wonder what would happen if you crossed sadomasochist 'Twilight' fan fiction with the timeless, noble voice of Morgan Freeman? Wonder no more! Okay, *technically* this isn't Morgan Freeman (its a clever reproduction performed by ‘Family Guy’ voice actor Josh Robert Thompson), but it's close enough to get the point across. We are slightly afraid to ask what he was planning on doing with that cat (NSFW, unless your boss is super-cool).

Proof that 'Gangnam Style' is for everybody, this talented dancer taught his 60-year-old mom some sweet moves. If she can do it, so can we. If we stretch really well first. Maybe.

8. Grandma Dances Usher Style  

On the other hand, maybe a 60-year-old dancing mom isn't that impressive -- this grandmother has mastered the moves of Usher. If you listen carefully at the end, you can hear her explain that she would be better, but the kitchen floor isn't suited for that kind of dancing. As if our minds weren't already blown enough.

Coming in at number 7, check out this amazing Assassin’s Creed fan who has taken his love of the game and parkour skills and married the two in grand form. This video is for anyone who says that gamers are couch potatoes. Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to level up.

In South Korea, children are going bananas for an adorable doll who will fart on command! The doll was created with the intention of helping small children understand how to use the toilet (it also makes two-sies), but it will probably do a better job of teaching them how to laugh at farts.

This is a spot-on performance of 'Pennyroyal Tea' by Nirvana. We’re just hoping Russian subway riders appreciate how good this guy is, because we’ve had to listen to our fair share of horribly out-of-tune performers with a penchant for butchering 'Stand by Me' over and over again, so this is a rare treat.

Sure sexism and racism ran rampant, but at least the folks in the days of 'Mad Men' never had to listen to Rick Astley ... UNTIL NOW! Some clever man with a lot of time on his hands painstakingly spliced together one-word clips from the show to make the entire cast sing the lyrics to 'Never Gonna Give You Up.'

Special thanks are owed to the folks at Bad Lip Reading, who finally managed to make 'Twilight' entertaining -- all they had to was change all the dialogue and shorten it to two and a half minutes. Well done!

We’re not sure if this is a cruel trick to play on a parent, or the result of a son’s concern for his sleepwalking mother, but since it’s not our mom, we feel comfortable enjoying it. Watch as a son videotapes his mother sleep-dancing a special code, and then her reaction to seeing herself sleepwalking. She’s a great sport for not freaking out, don’t you think?

And because it's not the internet without a little bit of schadenfreude, our favorite clip of the week is a the dubstep remix of an awful boat accident. Come for the guilt of watching people being injured ... stay for the ... Skrillex? It's way better than it sounds. Promise!