There's nothing quite like a little video editing taking one of everybody's favorite TV shows and transforming it into a song that is generally regarded as completely annoying. Thank you, internet, for "Rickrolling" 'Mad Men.' Our day is now complete.

Taking 'Never Gonna Give You Up' word-by-word, YouTube user Buchan39 splices together clips from 'Mad Men' to create a cast-wide singalong. Or speakalong. Or, in the case of January Jones, breathlesslywhisperalong. He also managed to sneak in a few of our favorite moments (okay, just the one -- Sterling vomiting oysters and martinis all over everything). It's a delightful video collage, assuming you think Rick Astley is delightful and not dreadful.

And we pretty much guarantee that even though it's missing Astley's comically full voice, you'll have the song stuck in your head for the rest of the day/your entire life. YOU'RE WELCOME!!!