There has been much chatter about what actors will play which characters when 'Fifty Shades of Grey' inevitably makes it way to the big screen. But how about this: Morgan Freeman for the film's narrator.

You really can't go wrong with Freeman's famous voice of God. However, as you can see in the video above, Freeman might struggle to finish the job if selected to do the film's voiceover. It seems after having narrated films based on books by writers such as Stephen King, Freeman just can't bare to read E.L. James' fan fiction-like prose.

In fact, her clunky writing causes Freeman to deviate from the text and offer up saucy details from his own life. And, yes, one of the 75-year-old's racy anecdotes involves coleslaw.

In case you are wondering, that's not actually Freeman reading. Instead it's 'Family Guy' voice actor Josh Robert Thompson, who really has the Academy Award winner's unique speech patterns down. We're sure Thompson would be prepared to narrate 'Five Shades of Grey' as Freeman if the movie's producers called. But now we're not so sure that would be a good thing.

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