While American kids are going crazy over the coolest Barbie accessories or the latest XBox 360 game, those over in South Korea are going crazy for a doll. This seemingly charming toy looks like a safe purchase at first, what with her cute face and ability to eat food off a miniature spoon. Heck, we might even want one for ourselves! What we quickly found out, though, is that this doll has a secret talent -- she can let one rip, and she does it a lot.

This farting creation by Young Toys is all the rage in South Korea. All kids have to do is rub Kong Suni's stomach, and the innocent-looking girl will fart on command. Boy, that's cute! She even comes with a small toilet equipped with a smiling pile of poop (seriously), apparently meant to help kids learn how to use the bathroom correctly. First of all, poop never comes out smiling, so that's false advertising. Second, if people are now resorting to nightmare-inducing, talking dolls to potty train kids these days, what hope do we have for the future?

So what do you think-- is this farting doll hilarious or highly terrifying?