Memes were always there for you in 2012 when you need a quick laugh. Like, really quick. As in a 45-second-long internet video is too long. We love them because we have really short attention OH LOOK A PENNY! Did the mailman come yet? What day is it? If it went in two days ago, laundry should definitely be ready for pickup today. Ahem.

We were saying -- this year brought lots of laughs, and though it was hard to pick, these are our finalists for the best new memes of 2012. Pick your favorite and vote in our poll for the year's absolute best below! You can also sign up for TheFW newsletter below for updates on all the winners. We’ll reveal the winners in multiple categories (Best Dog, Best Viral Video Kid, etc.) on January 15. Good luck to all the nominees!

McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed


90s Problems


Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

Know Your Meme

Overly Attached Girlfriend


Angelina Jolie's Leg

Grumpy Cat


Drunk Baby


Other Bane Masks

TheFW/Jed Stoneam

Call Me Maybe




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