Last week, we reminisced about the decade of Crystal Pepsi and The Backstreet Boys with the Old Man From the 90s meme. So to continue this trend, we're going to go back to the '90s today, but instead of remembering our old technology fondly with a jolly old man, we're cringing over problems that could only (and very often did) occur in the age before smartphones and the internet. 

1990s Problems and 90s First World Problems are two hilarious memes currently going viral. The first is a cry-baby shedding tears over Beanie Babies and pre-DVR TV Guides. And the second really is a baby -- well, a preteen at least. If you grew up in the '90s and played with Pokemon and Tamagotchis, '90s First World Problems is for you. If you were a little older, check out 1990s Problems. Of course, the memes feature  a photo of "crying Dawson" and pensive teen dream Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Take a look below.

1990s Problems

'90s First World Problems