When Jim Rash, who had just accepted the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay from Angelina Jolie, imitated the right leg exposed pose that the actress was for some reason doing throughout the entire Academy Awards, it became the first example of "Jolie'ing." Then when his co-winners Alexander Payne and Nat Faxon followed suit in the imitation, Jolie'ing officially become a trend.

Now Jolie'ing is making its bid to be a full-blown photo meme, much like TebowingPlanking or Supermanning.

But what differentiates Jolie'ing from its body positioning predecessors is the many different ways it can be done.

You can do it by simply thrusting out your own exposed leg. Or you can create a PhotoShopped picture with Jolie's exposed right leg in crazy places. Animals and inanimate objects can even get in on the fun. And if you find an old photo of someone striking a similar pose (like, say, the Captain Morgan's pirate) that also counts as Jolie'ing. Yes, there is almost as many ways to do it as Jolie has children.

Check out examples of Jolie'ing below, from the Angelinajolieing Tumblr.