Barbie can't help but looking perfect. She's manufactured that way.

But what if the doll that has been setting unrealistically high beauty standards for girls since 1959 was a real person? (Yes, this is has been tried before by human Barbie impersonators, but that's not where we're going here.)

Well, for one thing, if Barbie was of flesh and blood she wouldn't look so perfect in the morning.

That's what's going on in this picture from Imgur user Eddi Aguirre. It shows the iconic doll without her usual "makeup."

As you can see, Barbie now has pale lips, freckles, dark circles under her eyes and braces. Her hair is also somewhat frazzled. So we guess this is Barbie without makeup and access to soap and water.

Check out a comparison of makeup-free Barbie to the original below.


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