There seems to be concern surrounding the Adam Sandler/Andy Samberg comedy 'That's My Boy,' which hits theaters on June 15th. Chiefly that Sandler's recent films haven't been very good, and that his latest effort will be more 'Jack and Jill' than 'Happy Gilmore.'

Despite this negative buzz, we think the movie has potential, as it is usually fun to see Sandler go full man-child.

And, while it doesn't really speak to the quality of the film, Samberg did just put out a very  good recut of the 'That's My Boy's' trailer. Check out the hilarious NSFW trailer below.

It's funny because Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg were both on 'Saturday Night Live' and have really similar names. Actually that was really funny.  And a movie starring Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jason Segel and Ben Stiller in a giant tin of sardines needs to be made.

It's been pointed out that Samberg's recut bares certain resemblances to a Whitest Kids U Know sketch which also plays off of the similarities of Sandler and Samberg's names. We'll let you check that out below and decide if Samberg ripped off the concept.

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