When the lead in your comic book is Vanilla Ice, it's safe to say you have one of the worst comic books of all time. And yet, publishers and musicians have been teaming up for bizarre comic book mash-ups for years.

Musicians are always looking to make a quick buck, er, extend their brand, and sometimes that results in atrocities like the Taylor Swift comic and the time Eminem ran from Punisher's gunfire.

For every Gerard Way -- the My Chemical Romance frontman who penned the excellent, award winning series 'The Umbrella Academy' -- there’s a cheap, poorly drawn bio comic of Lady Gaga or The Rolling Stones. Sometimes, artists who are legitimate comic book fans produce great work, like KRS-One's acclaimed 'Break the Chain' graphic novel. More often than not, the musician gets caught up in the pulpier side of the comic book biz, resulting in oddities like 'The Nine Rings of Wu-Tang.'

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