In a Hulu ad that will run during the second quarter of the 2012 Super Bowl, Will Arnett plays the part of an evil Hollywood alien with designs on turning earthling's brains into mush through all the entertaining programming offered on Hulu plus's subscription service.

If you recognize this premise, it's because Hulu has run similar ads in the past, featuring other TV stars/secret aliens such as  Alec Baldwin, Dennis Leary and Seth MacFarlane.

In the teaser for the ad, Arnett doesn't know the secret pass word for the Hulu lair, which is located inside the famous Hollywood sign. So he tries different variations of the word 'Hulu,' and then quotes some famous entertainment catchphrases. When none of that works, he becomes frustrated in a way that evokes his notorious GOB character from the cult sitcom 'Arrested Development.'

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