What happens when the "Sandman" accidentally pours too much fairy dust on a person while they are sleeping? According to a commercial for the Kia Optima, which will run during the third quarter of the Super Bowl, that person will have one heck of a super-charged dream.

The overly-dusted fellow's dream starts with him driving the Optima around a race track in giant stadium. Yup, that's Adriana Lima, making her second Super Bowl commercial apperence of 2012, waving the starter's flag.

As the race begins, we learn that this is no ordinary race track. Motley Crue is in the middle of the oval, playing their hit 'Kickstart My Heart,' and the stands are full of bikini models. Look, there's a man riding a rhinoceros! And lumberjacks slicing in half a giant hero sandwich! And Chuck Liddell?? What???

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