If there's ever been a show which has snagged better guest stars than '30 Rock,' we can't think of it. On Thursday night's episode Cynthia Nixon, Jimmy Fallon and Mary Steenburgen joined the ranks of Matt Damon, Steve Martin and Jennifer Aniston by popping up on the NBC comedy.

But perhaps Thursday's most notable guest star was everybody's favorite musical satirist, "Weird Al" Yankovic."

During the episode, Weird Al spoofed a song performed by Jane Krakowski's Jenna Maroney character. Then the man with the timeless head of curly hair stuck around for the credits and spoofed all of '30 Rock' with his own version of the show's theme song.

"That's right, the program is over," Weird All sings in the 30 second ditty. "So now you can talk trash about it and vent your rage on your Twitter and Facebook page!'

Weird Al continued on to take a shot at '30 Rock''s mediocre ratings, mouthing the word "terrible" as an out-of-sequence soundtrack described the show's ratings as "awesome."

He also danced the kind of spastic dance that has made the performer so endearing for more than 30 years. As Homer Simpsons once said, "He who is tired of Weird Al is tired of life."