As '30 Rock' comes to an end, it's time to get sentimental. What could do a better job of keeping us from crying than our favorite quotes from Tracy Jordan? As long as you don't count that thing where you laugh and cry really hard at the same time as crying, it totally works. 

  • "Siri, bring Jessica Tandy back to life."

  • "Are you crying 'cos there are no roles for actresses in their 40s?"

  • "Son, this isn't easy for me to say because my tongue caught what my foot has."

  • "Liz Lemon is the only person I know who even has a father."

  • "Something terrible has happened, and for once I'm not talking about the collapse of the middle class."

  • "I just wanna make you proud of me, LL-Dad-Liz-Dad."

  • "You're still here! You didn't go to the store for milk and heroin and then never come back."

  • "I feel like Oscar the Grouch today, and not just because I woke up in a garbage can this morning startling someone named Gordon."

  • "The sight of these people, plus the crayons I ate earlier, make me sick."

  • LIZ: Why are you so heavy? TRACY: 'Cos so much of me has died.

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