The Webby Awards is pretty much the Oscars for the internet. Which would make this year's Webby host Patton Oswalt some sort of cyber-Billy Crystal.

So who or what is going to be the Webby's version of Angelina Jolie's leg? Well, for that you will have to stream the event live at 5:30 PM on Monday, May 21st.

Truth be told, most of the winners, which are selected by both members of The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (The Webby Award) and the internet as a whole (The Webby People's Voice Award), have already been announced.

Among the notable victors are Louis C.K. as Webby Person of the Year, Juliette Lewis and Graydon Sheppard of "Sh*t Girls Say" fame for Webby Actress of the Year, and Instagram as Webby Breakout of the Year. You can see a complete list here and in the video below.

Nevertheless, there will still be drama next Monday. First you will get to see how the chosen deal with the Webby's strict policy of five word acceptance speeches. Then the winner of Meme of The Year will be revealed.

"Texts From Hillary," "Nyan Cat," "Michele Bachmann Eyes," and "Neil DeGrasse Tyson" (apparently now as much as a meme as he is an astrophysicist) are all nominated for that final award. Who will win? Find out on May 21st, and check back here at TheFW for highlights from the big show.