How Are People Celebrating the Winter Solstice?
Happy December 21st, ladies and gents! It's a fine, fine day due to three very important factors-- the world hasn't ended yet and it's Friday. Jackpot! What makes today even greater though is that it's the Winter Solstice, AKA the time when days finally start getting longer.…
Elf Babies!
Santa's elves are the greatest. For starters, they work super hard in his workshop all year round making our Christmas presents and baking delicious treats so Santa maintains that cookie belly. However, we do think these charming people are highly underrated. They're arguably the most charming part …
Have you done this?
This song combines two things everyone hates -- Nickelback and people who Instagram everything -- and turns it into one perfect parody.
Election Day Goofs
After being hit with tons of political memes and autotuned debates, it seems like we'd been waiting forever for Election Day to arrive. There's only so much hilarity we can take, people! But it's already passed us by, and in the case you're just now emerging from a deep…
Meet Shishi-Maru, Instagram’s Latest Star Kitty
It's Monday, which means our general productivity is virtually non-existent. It happens every single week, but we have yet to discover a successful solution to our downright laziness. But don't despair!
Remember the study that claims scrolling through puppy and kitty photos on the internet boosts wor…
‘Rich Cats of Instagram’ Tumblr Exposes High Class Kitties
Remember that ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ Tumblr that was so annoyingly intriguing? That was when we learned kids rollin’ in some major dough enjoy activities like bathing with champagne bottles and taking the ol' water jetpack out for a spin. You know, the usual.
Well, we’ve found cats want in on the a…
Rich Kids of Instagram Tumblr Highlights High Life
Hi there! You probably think you're having a pretty okay day. Fortunately the Tumblr Rich Kids of Instagram is around to let you know how much better it could be. Or, alternatively, to make you thankful you're not a super-rich d-bag. But mostly the first one.
Bring Your Instagram Photos to Life With These Amazing Sites
Even if you don’t realize it, you are already familiar with the latest hotness in social sharing apps. Instagram is the photo sharing app that allows users to take, filter, post, share, like and follow photos and photo collections. It makes even the worst photographer seem like a shu…

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