Chevy's Super Bowl 2012 commercial for its Silverado has some fun with the idea that the Mayan calender was correct, and that 2012 will be an apocalyptic year.

However, whatever disaster is to come hasn't completely wiped out humanity. Instead we see a rugged, dust-covered fellow driving around the rubble in his Chevy Silverado, dog in the back seat. The Barry Manilow song 'Looks Like We Made it' plays as wreckage of humanity goes by.

But our hero is not alone. He meets up with a bunch of other Silverado drivers, who are eating Twinkies, the most indestructible of foods. "Where's Dave," he wonders upon getting out of his vehicle.

"Dave didn't drive the longest, lastest most dependable car on the road," one of the survivers explains. "Dave drove a Ford."

Now that's what you call a big-budget zinger.

Update: Super Bowl reps have asked Chevy to pull his ad. Watch the controversial spot above.