You probably know the amazing story of Christian the Lion, who was bought by two buddies from an English department store in the late '60s. Since London was no place for a lion, the friends eventually gave Christian to a wildlife conservationist, who reintroduced Christian to his indigenous African habitat.

Then, a year later, the pair visited their former pet in Africa and were greeted with an amazing display of emotional hugs from the beast.

This is all to set up this heartwarming video. It features lion cubs giving one of their trainers a series of loving hugs on what happens to be his last day at the wildlife park.

It's like the cubs know they will likely never see their good friend again. Which makes the video both adorable and a little bit heartbreaking. Hopefully, the keeper will come back one day, and they can have a reunion like Christian and his dear friends had. You can check out that famous inter-species get-together in the video below.