Before you even ask, a tigon is a mix between a male tiger and a lioness, produced through interspecies breeding. They are not to be confused with a liger, which is a hybrid cross-between a male lion and a tigress. And definitely not to be confused with Napoleon Dynamite's favorite imaginary creature.

Born in Changzhou, China, these two cute crossbreeds were part of the same litter as one purebred lion, making it a world first in the animal kingdom. Also, a lot of explaining to do for the mother lioness.

If you think this was a result of some mad scientist's experiment, it's not. Tigers and lions are so genetically related, that they are able to interbreed and have often done so in captivity. Although rare, some even exist in the wild. Which begs the question, what other combination of animal species do you think would make up the ultimate offspring to make you go "awwwww"? Let us know in the comments below.