Dog or Lion?
Lions aren't usually one of those animals we go "aww!" over. They're actually sort of scary — that is, unless they come in dog form. No, seriously! Remember when we introduced you to that poor lion pup who got the cops called on him? Well, it turns out there's a whole bunch of fellow lion fakers of the canine variety out there, and they couldn't get any cuter.
Lion, Oh My!
Here in the United States, a kid might spot a turtle during their walk to school. And if he or she is the curious sort, they might pick it up and bring it in for show-and-tell. Things are little different in Russia, where apparently lions roam free. School children in a Southern Russian village ran into one of these beasts -- a cub -- and brought the furball in to their teacher.
Trainer Gets Goodbye Hug From Adorable Lion Cubs
You probably know the amazing story of Christian the Lion, who was bought by two buddies from an English department store in the late '60s. Since London was no place for a lion, the friends eventually gave Christian to a wildlife conservationist, who reintroduced Christian to his indigenous African habitat. Then, a year later, the pair visited their former pet in Africa and were greeted with an am
Lioness Gives Birth to Aborable Tigon Cubs
Before you even ask, a tigon is a mix between a male tiger and a lioness, produced through interspecies breeding. They are not to be confused with a liger, which is a hybrid cross-between a male lion and a tigress. And definitely not to be confused with Napoleon Dynamite's favorite imaginary creature.
Lion Cub and Human Child Play at the Zoo
This video of a lion cub and human toddler rolling around on the ground as they play with each other at the zoo is pretty adorable. However, if it wasn't for the thick piece of safety glass between them, it's stop being cute.