Here in the United States, a kid might spot a turtle during their walk to school. And if he or she is the curious sort, they might pick it up and bring it in for show-and-tell.

Things are little different in Russia, where apparently lions roam free. School children in a Southern Russian village ran into one of these beasts -- a cub -- and brought the furball in to their teacher.

The teacher put the lion cub in the school gym, which seems to be the protocol in such situations. There the children played with the lion they named Barsik, petting it and even attempting to ride it like a horse.

When the police arrived it was determined Barsik had escaped from a car on the way to the zoo. He has been moved out of the school and into a local animal park.

So the next time the kids visit their new friend he will be in a cage. For the best, of course. Barsik might be cute now but you wouldn't want to see him on the basketball court in about a year.