Lions, dogs and rabbits are all in different spots on the food chain, which is why they don't normally make for a tight-knit trio of friends. But that's exactly what has happened at a zoo in Edinburgh, Scotland. Check out the video evidence of this adorably unlikely triumvirate.

That's Simba the lion cub, Monty the dog and Thumper the rabbit. Simba, who's 13 weeks, fell ill when he was baby and moved into the zookeepers' home as they nursed him back to health.

Thankfully he made a full recovery, and we'd like to think that the relationship he forged with Monty and Thumper during his stay helped beat the sickness right out of him.

Will Simba be able maintain these friendships as he grows into the killing machine that nature intended him to be? That will be interesting to see; but if Simba can be best friends with Timon and Pumbaa, then why not with Thumper and Monty?

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