Unlike a certain other prime-time animated sitcom, 'Family Guy' has never played coy with what state it is set in. 'Family Guy' creator Seth MacFarlane attended college in Rhode Island and has more or less made the state a character in the show.

The town of Quahog however, where the dysfunctional Griffin family and their even more dysfunctional friends live,  is fictional.

But it's going to be a real place for a day as part of a bus tour being offered by the Rhode Island-based Blackstone Valley Tourism Council.

Although Quahog isn't real, many of its venerable institutions, such as neighborhood bar The Drunken Clam, are named after real places in the tiny state.

Drunken Clam

Others, like the Happy-Go-Lucky Toys factory where Peter Griffin works, are based on real places -- in that case Hasbro, in Pawtucket, RI

For $49 you get to see them all during a bus tour that will run this Saturday. So far, 30 'Family Guy' fans have signed up for the event, which is in its second year.

Among the sights the sitcom tourist won't get to see is James Woods Regional High School, which, on the show, is named after the real-life Rhode Island-born actor. That's because it doesn't exist. Yet.

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