Peter Griffin has been fighting with Ernie the Giant Chicken since 'Family Guy's' second season. The fistcuffs continued in the recent finale for season nine and Ernie appeared to suffer a brutal death as a result of the battle. Nevertheless,we fully expect the giant bird to be back for another round, none the worse for wear.

The pugnacious rivalry between Peter and Ernie is clearly the Ali-Frazier of the animated world. But there have been other entertaining, if less heralded, fights on 'Family Guy' over the years.

We've rounded them up, along with the Peter versus Ernie brawls below. Prepare yourself for some serious cartoon violence.

In this clip Stewie and his playground rival Bertram square off. They're sword fighting, of course, and Stewie proves his skill with the blade.

Here Lois and Stewie engage in an epic Oval Office gunfight with the fate of the world at stake. They both bring out the heavy artillery, but in the end Peter jumps in and slays his son with a pistol shot to the head. On most other shows infanticide would be highly disturbing. On 'Family Guy,' it's hilarious.

Domestic violence gets really violent when all members of the Griffin household engage in an epic battle royale. There is a brief reprieve when Peter literally makes himself into a horse's ass, but after everybody is done laughing the punching continues.

All the skillfully choreographed battles between Peter and the giant chicken are below. Which one reigns supreme?