Characters as offensive as those on 'Family Guy' are bound to make for some memorable dialogue. Peter's idiocy alone could fill volumes. We've parsed it down to these ten funny quotes from the show, because we had to set the limit somewhere. Enjoy!

  • 1

    "I had such a crush on her. Until I met you Lois. You're my silver medal."

    -- Peter
  • 2

    "All right, all right, make like Siamese twins and split...And then one of you die."

    -- Peter
  • 3

    "I want pancakes! God, do you people understand every language except English? Yo quiero pancakes! Donnez moi pancakes! Click click bloody click pancakes!"

    -- Stewie
  • 4

    "And Joe, I’ve had new neighbors before, but none of them were half the man you are. Since you’re half a man already, that splits them into some kind of fraction I can’t even measure."

    -- Peter
  • 5

    "Guns don’t kill people; dangerous minorities do."

    -- Gun rights advocate
  • 6

    "Sorry Meg. Daddy loves ya, but Daddy also loves Star Trek, and in all fairness, Star Trek was here first."

    -- Peter
  • 7

    "Lesbians and deaf women wear the same clothes."

    -- Brian
  • 8

    "You just think you know everything don't you? You're just like a black woman in hindsight."

    -- Brian
  • 9

    PETER: "If I'm gay then Freddy Mercury was gay." BRIAN: "Freddy Mercury? The lead singer of Queen? He was incredibly gay." PETER: "He was not, he had a mustache."

  • 10

    PETER: "Oh my god, Brian, there’s a message in my Alphabits. It says, "Oooooo."" BRIAN: "Peter, those are Cheerios."

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