Ever since Eddie Murphy pulled out of hosting duties for the 2013 Academy Awards telecast, there has been a bunch of speculation regarding who was going to step up and run the show. Today rumors were put to rest when it was announced that 'Family Guy' creator Seth MacFarlane was taking the prized spot.

MacFarlane is no stranger to hosting duties. In 2011 he was the roastmaster for the Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen, and he recently opened the new season of 'SNL' as host. We know from past experiences that MacFarlane has a bank of tried and true personas he pulls out when performing. (Or a showtune or three.) Here's a few impressions we think you can safely expect to see when he heads up the 85th Annual Academy Awards in February.

1) Sacheen Littlefeather, the Native American Woman Who Accepted Marlon Brando's Oscar

Remember the 45th Academy Awards way back in 1973 when Marlon Brando refused to accept his Oscar for 'The Godfather' and instead had a native American woman accept it on his behalf? Well, Seth MacFarlane sure does. We're willing to put money on him making a reference to this famed Oscar moment -- or performing the bit for the broadcast to delight of the seven people who still get a Sacheen Littlefeather reference.

2) A Teddy Bear Talking Like an Unintelligent Portly Man with a New England Accent

Universal Pictures

MacFarlane's directoral debut, 'Ted,' was a film about a man and his teddy bear. Did we mention the bear is an obnoxious, oversexed weasel with a stereotypical New England accent? And that Seth has performed this voice (which sounds suspiciously like Peter Griffin) all over the talk show circuit while promoting the film? We can't believe it either.

3) Stewie


In pressure-filled or awkward situations in the past, we've watched as Seth quickly pulled out the tried-and-true voices of his animated hit 'Family Guy.' Most recently, he morphed into Stewie Griffin after a microphone mixup at the Emmy awards. We think it's pretty safe to say we'll be seeing more of this sort of off-the-cuff characterization on the Oscars broadcast. For three-and-a-half hours. Now if you'll excuse us, we'll be preparing to numb our brains with Stewie's death ray by which we mean bourbon.

4. Roger from 'American Dad'/Paul Lynde


Since Roger's voice is basically an impression of the late, great comedian and '70s game show fixture, it's a good bet MacFarlane will pull out at least one of them (or both?) to juice up the show. It's two impressions in one!

5. Quagmire


It's really not a matter of "if" with MacFarlane pulling out a Quagmire "giggity!" during the ceremony. It's "when." Will it be after announcing presenters Mila Kunis and Jennifer Lawrence? Or will he use it to make a "GILF" joke about Helen Mirren? Whatever happens, it's safe to say it won't be when the accountants of Price Waterhouse Coopers come out.