Surprisingly, most of the drama on the season four premiere of 'Jersey Shore' in Italy didn't take place between on-again, off-again couple Ronnie and Sammi. Instead, the Situation horrified his housemates by kissing Snooki at a nightclub.

Earlier in the episode, the Situation told Ronnie that he and Snooki had slept together several times since last season, and at least once dalliance took place while Snooki was with current boyfriend Jionni. Sitch even said he was beginning to develop feelings for his housemate.

Later, the Situation put his arms around Snooki and kissed her while the rest of the group looked aghast.

"Mike needs to know, like, stop. Leave Nicole alone. She does have a boyfriend," Sammi said.

Are the Sitch's feelings for Snooki genuine or is he simply trying to stir up trouble like he's done in the past?

[via AOL TV]

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