In a move that will no doubt thrill the Guidos cast of 'Jersey Shore,' a 34-year-old man in Akron, Ohio, attempted to set a Guinness World Record by continuously pumping his fist for 17 hours over the weekend.

James Peterson began his quest to set a new world record last Friday and didn't stop pumping his fist until 3am the next day. Followed by a video crew who documented the attempt, he wandered around the University of Akron campus and even made appearances at local bars.

An unemployed electrician, Peterson said he's an old hand at fist-pumping. “I used to hang light fixtures, so I am used to having my hands above my head,” he said.

He even super-glued his hand shut in order to "maintain perfect fist formation," he said. Now that's dedication, bro!

James Peterson Attempts Fist-Pumping Record

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